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departmentive timing for heart [inaudible] to close 2012-2013 and inflections market explanation, second term newly elected president 2013, implies for trust ... . >> in the accident speaker please. graphics like i shown before my mother gaveth george mars conian a parking ticket ticket and he auto graphed the book if you could show it. sfgtv. my mother grace murder aye control one 11 parking control woman and today, i'm giving a harvey melt a ticket.
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supervisor harvey i got a surprise especially supervisors for you. good afternoon president chiu some things some of you have wanted to do, waited so long ... wait so long i'm going to take you on a trip so far from here i got two tickets in my pocket, you know that old airport name is going to disappear ... waited so long waited so long ... i got two tickets to harvey airport pair dyed dies. two pack your bags we will leave tonight. you are going to hit the highest high. height. i got a surprise for you and they are two tickets are going to fly you all the way through and you waited so long.
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waited so long you got two tickets to ticket to harvey practice dies and you are going to my it right and you are going to make it mighty kind and nice. and in my mind i'm going to harvey carolina and in my mind i'm going to go ahead i'm already gone .... >> thanks next speaker ... i'm going to be talking on two issues today. in district nine, to doctor martin luther king academy an employee that was there for the san francisco unified school district and was
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fired. we went to the union, aide scaly hearing which some of you know what that is about and he was given his job and today, some are gonna go to the san francisco board where we are going to ask what is going to happen to the principal from doctor martin luther academy school? now some of you know about this principal and some of you know about the school. but, none of you of the bored of supervisors have taken a stand on this issue. the second issue i want to talk about is a wellness center that is going to be built in the bay view hunter's point. this is my
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subjective opinion. when it comes to children, innocent children, we have to give them the best. so we have an area here on third and cargo which, is the most contaminated area and the city administrator knows and i even found about 500 toxics hot spots this is one of the worst. we can't look the other way while a wellness center is built in the most contaminated area, we cannot afford to look the ear way. never mind it's california pacific medical center give is $4 million or even more. we cannot look the other way. >> thank you. neck speaker. . next speaker. >> mr. president, members of
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this board, in my memory, lies the statement of one man and that statement in four words "the four words were "i had a dream," today, i stand before you sharing that sentiments. that i permanently have a dream. because, i was able toen impure en endure late hely as an african a
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senior, i come before you today to tell you that (undistinguishable accent or words) that it's high time that you get up and represent seniors who time and time again you !kung before and ask them to work for you and they have worked for you. the time is more than right. i further ask ask you to give us decedent, proper housing. that is a gross insult to seniors who have worked hard in this country. i do tell have a tremendous amount of intelligence and diggity.
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thank you so much. >> thank you very much next speaker. >> my name is calvin and i'm speaking for the hash burden aye counsel and there are other members of the on the board of counsel and we would like to give you a report on the resolution of this board passed resolution one 2111 regarding march 82011, the neighborhood recycling center at sen 08. as you well know we were evicted what you probably don't know is the violence that involved the post eviction activitied in language believe because of the failure of the department to follow the resolution of this board. on march 8, 2011, the board passed the resolution that asked the mayor and the department of environment is to create an independent recycling master plan that outlines the
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recycling need of city and curb side pick up and support anden senior sure san francisco's program for the city to reach zero waist in 5020 and developing and implementing a recycling program for got golden gate park. and the resolution recommended that the department work in good faith allowing to serve golden gate park and continue to provide san franciscoians the capacity to recycle the material and eligible for curb side pick up what was a response? no response. no meetings no answer to our letters no attempt to discuss. three weeks ago, we left, there was such concern in the neighborhood, 100 people testified for this resolution that people began to go to the
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site there is no process established by recognize and park to determine what will happen on this site or do recycling this will happen as a sequence --. >> hi my name is michael ash burn and i'm a residental of the richmond and i would like to show you what i witnessed two days after the orderly eviction allegedded by our current sheriff and again this happened january 7th and what you are seeing here is captains cor value lows that is a [spelling?] volunteer and he makes an attempt to grab people and some miscommunications happened as they were moving plant and he used to work for us as an assistant for gregg gar and you will in the to the right a greenhouse communication here is broken down and what we have really
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just seen here is gardners who are not part of the community planning process that was started when the meeting were hamming with margin at the mc children lodge and we need to start that process again to avoid violence like this and we urge you folks to put pressure on parks and reek to start an orderly community discussion on this to avoid ugh lieness. i have never seen the force in our neighborhood have to do something like this. it was clear to me, watching this process that they were uncomfortable. i had a long discussion with captain cor valuest afterwards which i did tape and i did ask him did you feel like you were cleaning up up a mess here and he said no comment good and so i encourage you to clean this up so we don't
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have this ugh lieness happen in our beautiful beautiful park thank you. >> next speaker. good afternoon president chiu, members of the board. and the public. my name is richard ivanhoe. also, a board member of the haden ash bury neighborhood counsel and i'll try to address a couple of concerns in the two minutes. first, there is work going on at the site at 780 frederick. there was asphalt being jackhammered, we believe that underneath is toxic the site prior to go to being the recycling center is a railroad yard and we believe there should be some kind of environmentle review before further work proceeds there has been nothing
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beyond an initial conceptual design for a garden without a specific address. and we believe there should be a process do more. secondly, as you know the reek and park commission is one of the few commissions who's divisions cannot be appealed to you. reek and park pretty much is unanimous in approving whatever the department sends to them. one thing you can do is look at their budget when the budget comes before; you. two items of concern first, is how much are they spending on legal fees or charging to other departments for legal fees this could be greatly reduced if they cooperated with neighborhoods, with community groups, and with the public as a whole.
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secondly, we don't know how much they are spending on the site at 780 frederick or where the money is coming from we have heard 250,000 .... >> thank you very much next speaker? . >> good afternoon president chiu and supervisors i'm where the neighborhood counsel and 8pm one thousand to a million dollars is the amount that we have heard that, that acre site may cost to be convert to a community garden from a community garden and so please look into the money that you are trusted with guarding for us. second, i don't think that our police department should be breaking glass and then dragging people through it. perhaps you can send a message to captain
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corrallest. [spelling?] third, i would like you to follow up on what calvin said follow up on your resolution and get an independent recycling center committee setup because this is a resource that can help the city reach the 20/20 zero waste goal and lastly, i'll like you to ask to work with the mayor so that heads of commissions like reek and parks are san francisco residents and live here and care about what goes on here thank you.. >> supervisors aids and public members. and i'm also a board member and long time residental. i would think that the next issue would be again, just to remanufacture what they said. where is the money coming from
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a quarter of a million dollars or more and where is the money for the upkeep coming from and these are real numbers and then the impact that this closuresure is going to have in the community and if it's in forest it's going to be great and if they don't take recycling and there is no other autopsies in the neighborhood now there isn't and everyone is waiting for somebody else to do something so nobody else has to plan and they are talk with ri verse inventorying machines there is three in the whole city they don't work they breakdown and it's not a viable option at this point and gone remanufacture the process for the new community garden who's in charge of that, who gets to say who's going to have a plot or not none of this information is coming out of park and reek and we want know what is going on as a community and if you go to the park and reek commission
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meetings sometimes they are cancel would move around and so beyond that getet willing the community know some outreach would be go. and i believe that that was my time so thank you for your time, appreciate it. thank next speaker. >> thank you supervisor i notice that you guys are listening to what we say here and first of all, i would like to say that my name is washington and i'm here to at another time my horn and say without a doubt that we african americaings and negroes black are in a state of mainly you don't hear my leaders or preachers come up here and saying that and that is a question that puds as wells me too and i suggest that supervisor to encourage your colleagues to have ecome and have a hearing in the fill more
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where the government said they need to have a renewal and here, we have a public housing and the agency is corrupted and a lot of thing are corrupted and that housing a lot of our african america community and then we had the redevelopment community and so the mayor is restructuring two giant agencies for the 20 last 20 years redevelopment and housing authorities which is housing a lot of african america community. and wd is seasoning out rfp's for efor what the helm, i don't know and we have a community that doesn't have a mother-in-laws association label, also blacks on the leaders account and the mayor said that the city is in a big bend -- well lord have mercy he just don't know we have been sweep like by a broom and we have racism on both side we
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have white people saying that there is racism and there is racism for years, black history month, we have been displayed and replaced because of our race and something has to be done. you must do something.. >> thanks next speaker. >> good day supervisors my name is robert green. i would like to say that i do not own firearms and i do not rise to the opposition combining date from the your resolution and fbi assault weapons are been responsible for barely one half of all firearm related murder over the last eight years and virginia tech is a reason to support senior feinstein's
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legislation and the outcome would have been a little different if two rounds would have been used instead of one. only fully autonomickic weapons are truly webs of wor war but senator feinstein's elaboration annual deals with semi automatic weapons and based primarily on the way they look and i don't know if it's possible to show on image on the overhead and there are manufactures who make firearms with and without a pistol grip and this is an example and it's available with a traditional ripe stock and a pistol grip ask it can be urea useful for people who have limited mobility strength and detection tare tie and the parts are interchangeable and one would be an assault weapon while the other would remain legal and
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finally there are several type graphical errors in the proposed resolution and it uses the wrong title to senior's feinstein's resolution and i usually urge you not to pass it. >> thank you next speaker my name is virginia bareet and i'm with the anti-pathology s s poems for the movement and i'm a member of the poet's brig gate and alhando and i was happy to here that supervisor mar attended the inauguration this sunday day in a desire to bring more poetry to city hall and to the city in jeep i have brought a small poem to read read and i hope this beginning a weekly practice here and this was written in support of occupy. the ability to fly.
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gray sayingels are lined up like bankers in suits along the jag ed edge of the old coastal road now slipped into the sand. winnings held tight at their side, they stair out at the waves as it's trying to earth as contain if the [spelling?] market will bring a highly yield and that the ocean is a continuous flow of give and tack while the bankers think of agreed agreedy's sake of only the ladder of take and take what a difference the ability to fly can make thank you, and i urge you to bring more poetry into the schools and i teach in mar inand they have stooded
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grades sen through 8pm and i have also taught poetry in san francisco but very little there is not enough money for it and the teachers cannot fit money into their curriculum and so i would like us to add poet 33 this grades seventh through eight in san francisco. thank you.. >> tom gilbert richmond apartments a reclarification. a long time ago the cup a is half full and half empty and my category is that the broken cup has been reglued and taped and i'm happy to be able to real here because people in my category are not able to reach for this microfop and use it and try to speak in then and is
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carry thoughts. those are all precious drops. i'm trying to -- when i come here and talk about how silence and quiet in our neighborhood, we don't need to have it robbed by buildings that make noise 24 hours a day and i'm happy to come here and speak for two minutes but i would be happier if it was three minutes. don't get me wrong on that and i'll whether as be happy when this passes and it's a proved and so what we are doing here is greatestness and freedom of speech and thank you for being here for that and wo weeks ago when we were here the public comment became poisonous and kind-of painful almost torturous and until i die, i'll refer to that moment to when i
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was saved by the bell but that also brings up a little element. another piece of greatness the separation of the church and state and for the people who were here or heard it on television last week, that should be on you-tube and that is exactly why. we want separation of church and state. and i'm running out of time, could i have another minute, please? sir you used your two minutes, thank you very much. >> we need to enforce the same time limit for every individual here so i appreciate your patience with that. >> already supervisors first i would i want to welcome norman 83 and we look forward to your participation here and i'm here in my role as had he been and secretary of our mep health board to let you know about our
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next pete meeting that has general public interest to invite you to our next meeting at 6:30 p.m. one zero one groove street, 300 and we are going to talk about a b 716 and it's a do not lie list for bart and it's a state law that the l.a. transit system has decided not to adopt it but bard has decided to adopt it to develop criteria about who and who cannot ride bart because of the criteria is if you seecy if youfying on the trains you won't be allowed to ride but some of the other criteria about interfering with passengers and creating a commotion is fuzzy and they have not decided how to train their plies yet and they are look into it and they have presented to the san matt at a yo health board [spelling?] and
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a now san francisco about how to enforce the mental hetero list and so i invite you to come, it's wednesday, february 13th 6:30 p.m., one 01 groove street, 300. i hope you will tell your constituent about it in your newsletter and i hope you can a at the particular time thank you very much. >> next speaker please. . >> good afternoon supervisors i notice you are all sitting in your seats and there is one person missings and i know why he is not sitting in his seat and that is because he doesn't want to hear about the dead man
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johnson and my only comment is that police and leaders back east are discussing civil rights issues from 1999 and the 70 of san francisco should be ashamed for how it has deliberately avoided a dead man's a gay dead man's suspicious death. second degreely, i would like to thank wills tock and chronicle for the following quote that appeared roughly a week and-a-half ago. " but then pop said who want to have to see if it moves having to carry the mayors water all the time," she hit it right on the nose, perfect description of district four. but i always thought that district four was suppose to represent district four. but may be i have i'm imbuesed and also, i'll like to say one comment on mayor's
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long-whipped speech yesterday what happened to the topic of city hall corruption, i guess you are not suppose to mention it but then, i have to mention it. thirdly, if everybody doesn't want help re alvair resident to get a pension, i suggest the mayor kindly donate his pension to mr. alvair resident but then, i would also caution that he would have to get the wife's opinion about that decision and then the last thing that i would like to mention is that new orleans mayor better look up that subject because first it was -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] thank you very much. >> let me ask any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is over madame clerk can you read the a comes opp item on the calendar. >> yeah, a single role call
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vote on these items in a member object a matter can be removed and considered separately. members would anyone liability like to remove any of these sums items. >> president yierks supervisor chu, aye, supervisor cohen, aye, supervisor farrell, farrell aye supervisor kim, kim aye supervisor mar, mar aye, supervisor wiener, wiener aye, supervisor yee, supervisor breed? there are 11 ayes. madame clerk can you please begin reading todayth's memoryianians yes on behalf of

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